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360° ALE
A year round offering based on the similar styles of North American Pale Ale and Amber Ale. Though slightly hop focused, our 360° Ale is very drinkable with a medium-light body, dry finish, moderate malty palate balanced by slight bitterness and a pleasing hop aroma. Simply brewed with North American 2-row pale malt and some crystal malts for colour and flavour additions, and balanced by three different hops added three times, the focus is on aroma with mild flavours. We want this to be your go-to beer enjoyed while sharing a few pints with friends!

Drawing on the legend of the Sleeping Giant and Silver Islet, our cold weather offering is not brewed to be avoided and make you turn back to shore. In keeping with our other daily drinking beers, our Skullrock Stout is imminently drinkable pint after pint, even for stout first timers. Slightly sweet with a richly roasted grain and chocolate flavour the oats make their presence known in the uniquely smooth silkiness of our beer. The Skullrock’s profile is complex with 6 different malts and toasted oats, and balanced by a single aromatic English hop addition. Enjoy our oatmeal stout from fall through winter.

An American Wheat beer should always be easy drinking and refreshing, which is why we offer this straw-coloured, light bodied beer as our warm weather brew. Well-balanced with a pleasant wheat aroma, a mild citrus hoppy finish and the haze typical of wheat beers, it can be served cold with a lemon wedge (or grapefruit twist for the adventurous). The backbone malt is slightly greater than 50% wheat with the balance being 2-row pale ale malt and a small measure of pilsen malt. Locally sourced honey is added to sweeten the deal and Pacific Northwest hops balance out the palate.